How to Stay Focused While Studying

How can you keep your mind focused to study for your test? Sometimes staying focused while studying can be difficult, especially if your environment is full of distractions or you would rather be doing other things. Today we will be looking at how to stay focused while studying, the next article in the series: good ways to study.

You mean I have to Sit down and Study?

I've been there, and I know many many people have. You have a pile of homework to do and you know that there is an important exam lurking in the near future-  but you just can't keep your mind off that awesome new YouTube video you want to watch or you find it extremely hard to resist scrolling through your Instagram.

The distractions are there and sometimes it feels like social media is calling your name every time you want study.

The struggle is real.

Modern technology and the way it is just so easy to communicate with people in many forms sometimes makes it hard to keep track on your school work. It takes a great deal of self-control and determination to keep your eye on your book and away from a television screen or your mobile phone. But it can be done.

And maybe it isn't even obvious distractions. Maybe it is just the fact that you do not want to be sitting down at that moment and working. Maybe you would rather do anything but study because your concentration level is low and quite frankly, you find it boring.

There are so many things that get in the way of studying that many people just give up on studying in general and resort to 'winging it'.

So I am going to sharing some tips on how to stay focused while studying, some tips that I have tried out and seen to be successful. So here we go.

Try Different Methods of Studying

Reading (or just staring) at a textbook for hours on end can be very boring. Chances are you will not even absorb what your reading and you may indeed be wasting your own time. Learning is not a passive process, you need to be active and get involved to be successful.

So to stay focused while studying why don’t you try different formats of studying instead of just reading a textbook. I personally love watching videos to help me study. There's a reason why schools try to make learning as interactive  as possible. Because that way it sticks and you don’t get bored and drift off. So why not try using that logic at home and keep it interesting?

There are many websites online that put the information you need to know in a fun and (dare I say) exciting way. If you are not sure where to go, you  could perhaps ask you teacher for online ways to make learning more enjoyable.

You could also try different activities like crosswords and puzzles for a slight twist on your usual way of studying. I particularly like the Crash Course lessons that you can find on YouTube that make learning more interesting and more relatable.

Have the Right Attitude

Don't just view studying as cramming lots of pointless information into your head.

View it as useful stuff, because it actually helps to expand your mind and makes your see  bigger pictures and concepts. View reading and writing as learning and improving your skills.

Schooling actually equips you with lots of valuable skills that you will find yourself using  later in life. And all that time you spend doing homework teaches you to be a patient and thorough person.  Think about all the amusing and mind boggling things that you have picked up while studying.

Even if you may not immediately appreciate it, studying ultimately enriches you and makes you a person with a wider outlook. So don’t just push your textbook to the  side because you think its heavy or you wonder when you are ever going to use trigonometry in life.

The skills you pick up during your school days are very important and will see you through a lot of times when you just have to sit down and get to work. Having the right attitude when studying will also make you feel like the time is going quicker. If you study with a positive and inquisitive outlook, 1 hour will feel like 10 minutes.

Create a Study Group

If you really find it hard to study alone, why  not make a study group. Then you can encourage each other to keep going. However make sure you choose studying buddies who you know will actually concentrate and stay focused all the way. Otherwise that would be exactly the opposite of the purpose of making a study group.

Making a study group will also help you to be able to test each other. There is nothing like having someone beside you to make sure you are getting the point or that you are on the right track with your school work. Especially someone who is also taking the class with you!

By having a study group, you can enjoy a setting similar to the classroom, with lots of individuals that you can bounce ideas off  and check facts with.

Turn off Your Phone

The next tip is really quite obvious. Turn off your phone. You absolutely do not need a beeping phone while studying. That will just make it even more tempting to lose focus and move on to other things.

 If you find it hard to concentrate or if you do not trust yourself to stay away from the internet for the duration of your study time- it may be best to just turn of your phone.

After you finish writing that essay or you finish doing your maths assignment you will know it was worth it. You will feel that satisfaction of getting a job done. And then you can look forward to a phone full of notices and messages to sit down and catch up on. If that's your cup of tea.

It may be a good idea to set yourself a goal. It might be that you would like to finish two pages of your English homework, on start the first part of your science project. Then reward yourself when you get it done.

Perhaps that reward may come in the form of a whole hour of enjoying all of your social media, or maybe watching that game who have been looking forward to. And if you are studying for an exam you may even feel like treating yourself even more.

To be honest, getting good grades is a reward in itself. Hard work pays.  My friend used to allocate her time very carefully; she would study hard one day, then the next day do Netflix. And she would succeed. But everyone is different so finding and sticking to a schedule that works for you is the most important thing.

Grab a snack...

Ok this might seem really weird but food does lighten up some tense situations. If you are feeling a lack of energy of motivation, a healthy snack may be just what you need to get you going. I like to make myself a hot drink when I 'm studying.

It can make you feel cosy and put you in the right frame of mind to get to work. There is no point even trying to work on an empty stomach. Won't take you very far. If it’s a hot day, you could get some cold water or a drink like lemonade with some ice to help you cool down and focus. Or you could prepare yourself a plate of carrot sticks and crackers prior to studying.

Sometimes the thing that may be stopping you from concentrating might be pure hunger. It can make you feel restless and grumpy. So get your refreshments before you study.

Don’t be afraid to take a snack break if you need it. Breaks when you are studying are essential anyway. Studying in good sized blocks is the best and can really help if you have a short attention span.

It will all be worth it!

One of my biggest motivations for just getting on with my school work is that at the end of theday, I know I will get a good sleep with peace of mind that I have got my work done.

I always knew that there would be no early morning cramming or scribbling my homework on the school bus. Staying focused while studying doesn’t come easily at all, but by following a few simple steps you can do it. You just have to get it done and thank yourself later.

Thanks for reading my page on how to stay focused while studying. I hope you  enjoyed reading my tips as I really enjoyed writing them. Be sure to check out my first article on this subject: good ways to study. If you did like this page, please share it to all your friends and family who might find this helpful.

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