Two Mark Twain 'Dog Quotes' That Will Leave You Speechless

Two Mark Twain 'Dog Quotes' That Will Leave You Speechless

Let's Look at Two Significant Mark Twain Quotes about dogs that will leave you speechless, then give you something to think about. Though these quotes are about animals, there's a lot humans can take from them.

The Starving Dog Quote

“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.”

- Mark Twain

I always find it fascinating how Mark Twain manages to put across a deep and serious point, bundling it up with a dash of humour.

We are all quite aware of the loyal nature of dogs, and how, if you show them love- they are likely to love you back. A lot.

If you find a sad and abandoned dog on the street and rescue it, it will, with time, display a great deal of affection and stay constantly beside you as though it is forever indebted to you.

Feed, house and care for a dog, this way making it 'prosperous' and it will only reciprocate feelings of love towards you. It will not bite you.

Oh humans, why can't you be the same.

Reading Mark Twain's quote about this might even make some let out a dry little laugh to themselves, as they think back to previous occasions where they experienced such vicious disloyalty.

It is always painful when someone ditches you, but even more so when you gave them your all, and loved them to your fullest limit. We should show even more emotional awareness than dogs, but sometimes we seem to be completely self-absorbed and run away once we have taken what we need.

Not only do people tend to abandon the ones who help them reach their greatness, they tend to bite them too.

  • "You may have helped me reach this step on the ladder, but I'll trample on your head to reach the next step"  people seem to suggest by their actions.

  • You were the first friend I made at this new school, but now I've made 'better' friends, I'll get rid of you and talk trash when you're not there.

Anyway, this is a quote that definitely made me think about the way we act after we have been made prosperous - do we bite back?  Even dogs would not.

Fight In the Dog

“It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.”

- Mark Twain

How much fight do you have?

This simple quote says so much, and when you take some time to reflect on it, it can instill confidence in you.

The way we think ( our attitude) can make up for a lot of the things we lack, such as physical charm or strength. Size matters, but not necessarily physical size. It is the size of the beliefs and aspirations that live inside the person. Our determination to achieve something can be the greatest force we have at our disposal - and can be much more powerful than anything else we possess.

If you ever feel like the people around you are better than you someway, because they have more than you or seem like the "bigger dogs", then this is especially key to remember. Your thoughts, your dreams, your determination to work and to never give up are the things that will carry you through the struggle, the fight to become to person you hope to develop into.

You can never tell what people are thinking or the minute details that led them to where they are- so do not ever think that you have less of a chance of succeeding than them. Even if these people seem  better off.

It's not the size of the dog in the fight that matters - it's the size of the fight in the dog.

May the "fight" within you be immeasurable, and may it continually draw you closer towards your goal, and the ultimate success.

I hope you enjoyed reading this analysis of these two "Dog Quotes" by Mark Twain.

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