Maybe You're Not Achieving Your Goals Because...

Feel like you are not achieving your goals? Here are things you may be doing that prevent you from reaching your targets...

Why You May Not Be Achieving Your Goals and Ways You Can Start Doing So!

Does it feel like you are going round in circles, trying to achieve your goals but missing each time? These are some interesting reasons why we don't achieve our goals and things we can do to be more successful.

1. Are You Making a Workable Plan?

One reason that you may not be achieving your goals is that you have not carefully thought about designing an action plan to make it work. If you try achieving your goals with out preparation and collaboration, then it makes it more challenging.

Sometime we say we'll do something when we actually have no idea how we'll carry it out. That then leads to procrastination and anxiety as we shy away from putting in the necessary action. You can start strong from the beginning if you plan a schedule that will work for you and think practically about ways you can achieve your goal.

You might need to draw out a timetable using a calendar or notebook and see what times and days of the week that you can devote to focusing on/ accomplishing your targets.

You'll get much more success this way than if you try to work on a project on random days, here and there. When you've got it all written down and scheduled, you will be more motivated to work on a solid plan. Moreover, you will be able to notice progression and good results as you go along.

2. Trying to Do EVERYTHING in one go.

Another reason why you may not be achieving your goals is because you think that success happen overnight and you don't realize that some things take time and several steps. You might be trying to do everything in one go. If you fall into the trap of doing this, you will most likely feel worn out  - yet still far away from reaching your goal.

There are many tasks that we need to break into small chunks and work on gradually. One step at a time. For the most part, when we want to reach a target we have to exercise a bit of patience and avoid rushing things. When you've laid out your action plan, start at step one and don't move onto step 3 till all the previous steps have been thoroughly completed.

Besides if you try to do everything at once, you will probably end up neglecting something. As you know, Rome was not built in a day and we have to fight the tendency to want everything to be finished perfectly here and now.

Pace things out and be reasonable with your plan, do not overwhelm and disappoint yourself by setting an impossible deadline. If you've got a ginormous end goal, break it down into smaller goals that can help you achieve the one big goal. Use what you have to work with now, and work hard on what you can. When you've got one side sorted out, then you can expand.

So many awesome plans and goals have been achieved by chipping away, slowly but surely at a pace that makes sense. Despite what you might think, nothing dramatic is normally needed, except for consistency and persistence.

If you want to eventually run a marathon, you have to build it up, especially if don't do anything related right now. First you start jogging, then running, then increasing the distance as you practice more. You've got to start somewhere and you have to start small so don't lose hope by feeling it should all happen straight away.

3.  Never Hope For It More Than You Work For It

Do you talk more about your goals than you actually work on them? Its good to remind ourselves of our plans and have confidence that we can achieve them. However, make sure you give yourself a good reason to expect that success - by working hard and making the sacrifices you need to produce the results that will benefit you.

Some people prefer to go around and spread word of their dreams and aspirations. Yet in their quiet time, they do not 'have a word with themselves' and figure out how they will make it happen. Broadcasting our goals doesn't necessarily mean we'll achieve them, sadly.

More often than not, you'll have to have your plans in your head and the zeal in your heart and work from there. You have to think seriously and constructively about what you will need to add and take away from your life so that you can reach your goals.

Besides, not everyone will feel as good about your goals as you do. Sometimes people will be jealous, and other times they simply won't believe that you can achieve what you've set out to do. So it is good to keep your focus on what is important and make sure that you always work more than you wish ...or talk.

Thank you for reading. What are your thoughts on this? What other things do you think stop people from achieving their goals? Please comment below!

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