Mindset Goals Before Material Goals | Each Level Requires a New You

Every next level of your life will demand a different you. So it's important to talk about mindset goals before material goals. What do you need to change in the way you think and view situations before you can reach those desired output levels?

Mindset Goals Before Material Goals | Each Level Requires a New You

Setting goals often involves the process of working backwards. Yes, you know and want that end result, but you often have to figure out what exactly is needed to get you there. 

A factor that is often overlooked is the mental game. Preparation is key, this means not only the physical preparation required to reach your goal, but also the mental preparation. A strong mental outlook opens the way to abundant possibilities. 

If we dig deeper, we can look at the specific mentality and personality traits that are advantageous to develop. For me, two major things come to mind. 

An optimistic mindset and resilience. 

I've written posts about an optimistic mindset and resilience before. But they are two topics that continually re-surface because of how incredibly important they are in every day life. 

Mindset goals come before the material, physical goals. 

I was watching a YouTube video recently about a young lady who as a student started selling on Amazon FBA and was able to make $40,000 per month through that channel. While the interview was about her experience along with the ins and outs of her story, she repeatedly stressed a vital key to her success in online business. 

The mental game. That lady, Tatiana Buree, repeatedly mentioned how necessary it is for people who have a goal, say to make an income through selling on Amazon, to believe that they can do it. She mentioned how if you don't think it's possible, or you think you won't be able to pull it off, then you won't. But if you truly do, you will, and you'll become one of the relatively few.

A positive, optimistic mindset is so valuable. At the very least, it puts a smile on your face when you wake up each morning, but on a bigger scale, it allows you to reach those goals that most people are terrified of.

Accept the realisation that if it has been by others (especially if it has been done by others!), then you are absolutely capable of doing it also. Why not?

The mental game is crucial.

And if every next level of your life will require a different you, what type of person do you need to be to reach the next big goal on your list? What habits and mindset do you need to develop? If you don't have that psychological foundation, you'll likely struggle with the technicalities. 

Resilience is another absolutely necessary quality. Why? Because you don't live a perfect world and things that upset you or ruin your plans, wishes and hopes will happen at some point.

Resilience has been defined as the capacity to quickly recover from difficulties. 

Many times, we have to try many times and go through pain and hard work to reach our goals. But if you give up, you won't get there. Resilience is built from not giving up and being willing to keep trying even when others have given up (on you, on themselves).

If you made it a goal and worked towards successfully developing this capacity, do you see how incredibly valuable it could be? It won't mean that you'll be able to spot a solution super quickly every time, but it will mean that eventually you will spot a solution, because you have that toughness and have mastered the art of being patient.

When you develop resilience as a mindset goal, you start to have more fun, because you start looking forward to trying again with a new, innovative idea; you know that you will eventually crack the code. 

An optimistic outlook and resilience are just two of my favourite mindset goals. A mindset goal is literally anything you could and should change in the way you think and the way you view situations. And the point is such mindset goals translate into unlocking new tangible capabilities for yourself (and perhaps your team). 

Really the question we need to be asking is not what do I need to do, but who do I need to become to reach this goal?

Thanks for reading! What mindset goals are you working towards? Comment below!

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