31 Positive Reasons Why Someone Might Be Staring at You

Don't be so quick to assume there's a negative reason behind someone looking at you. Here are 31 Positive Reasons Why Someone Might Be Staring at You...

31 Positive Reasons Why Someone Might Be Staring At You

The Backstory Behind this Post 

Our first reaction when someone stares at us is normally to attribute it to something negative or awkward.

Like we assume we've got spinach in our teeth or have done something careless that breaks social convention.

These feelings are multiplied by like a hundred if you're normally a shy person.

Getting stared at can send you down a tunnel of nervousness both while you're in that person's presence and then when you contemplate it all afterwards.

But why have you written a whole article about 31 positive reasons someone might be staring at youyou may ask.

Well, I believe in replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. If you face social anxiety or feel extremely uncomfortable when attention is on you, it's likely because you're assuming the worst.

You are assuming that someone's staring because they're "judging you" or because you're awkward, or because you stand out like a sore thumb.

You assume there's something wrong with you. As a result, your self-confidence drops, your stomach shrivels up and you just might be calling for the ground to swallow you up. Maybe that's an exaggeration, maybe that's not. 

Either way, let's change it. 

Hopefully this post will be encouraging because you have likely had a lot of these thoughts and feelings while staring at others.

31 Positive Reasons Someone Why Might Be Staring At You - to Put You at Ease 

Here are some positive (and hopefully non-alarming) reasons why someone might stare at you:

1. You remind them of someone else.

It takes a couple of seconds to figure out if you know this stranger or not, you know.

2. You just said something really intelligent.

Someone's listening to your intellectually stimulating conversation, and they're curious about the source of all this wisdom. 

3. They think you're good looking.

Nuff said.

4. They looove your accent.

We just can't help but look up when we hear a beautiful, rare, and invigorating accent. 

5. Your smile makes them want to smile.

6. They are hoping to come and say hi to you.

When you're planning to get up and talk to someone, it generally involves a bit of staring as you try and figure out a) where exactly they are and, b) what they're doing now and if it's a good time to come over.

 7. They love your outfit/sense of style.

When I'm out and about, I find I'm constantly staring because of this.

8. They heard you say something pretty interesting.

Again, this stranger is intrigued by your conversation, whatever it may be. They're not staring at you. They're staring at your interesting words. That's a bit better...

9. You're laughing and they just can't help but share in your joy.

10. They're trying to figure out what you're reading.

Maybe you're reading on public transportation and your fellow passenger just wants to know the title of that amazingly illustrated front-cover. 

11. They just discovered that they have something in common with you...

You went to the same school as me? You know Johnny Smithey too?

12. They are amazed that you speak their language.

This stranger is excited that you are from their homeland! Your phone call gave it away. This is especially true if you're speaking a language that's not so common where you live. 

13. They are going to miss you. 

14. They can tell that people like you. 

It's obvious that you're popular or well-liked and someone's trynna figure out why. 

15. Your random act of kindness really impressed them.

You just helped an elderly person pick up something up so they wouldn't hurt their back or left your seat for a mother with two young kids.

There's someone else who was watching and also appreciates your rak...

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16. You are the only one properly dressed for the weather.

Yes, you are the only person who brought an umbrella or who is ready to face the incoming snowstorm. Congratulations, all those stares say you're smart.

17. They've been told to look out for you (in a non-creepy way).

Someone's been sent to you for advice or expertise in a particular area. And they're staring to make sure they don't accidentally go up to a random stranger... 

18. Your confidence is attractive.

It's pretty hard not to stare at someone who is great at introductions or who knows what they want and is doing a good job of getting it. 

19. They wish they were more like you. 

Someone's staring because they respect your choices/actions and secretly wish they had the guts to do some of the things you do. 

20. They want to ask you for directions because you look like you know where you're going.

The tourist soon approaches...

Well done, you reliable-looking individual. 

21. They'd like to catch your eye and smile at you. 

You know that whole thing about if you stare at someone long enough they'll eventually look at you...

22. You've got adorable kids.

You know when you're in public and you see kids doing adorable things and asking hilarious questions and you're silently watching and being amused at the parent's reaction.

23. They're in awe of your parenting skills.

Who is the parent of these polite, well-behaved kids? How does she/he do it?

24. They're hoping you'll sit next to them.

25. They relate to your sense of humour.

Someone is silently amused by the joke you just said that your own friend didn't even laugh at.

26. They're wondering if the person sitting next to you is your twin/mother/related-to-you.


27. They're wondering if you're going to the same place as them.

Someone's wondering if you're going to the same event because of the way you're dressed or because you've just taken the same bus as them twice in a row.

28. You remind them of them.

Yes, you remind them of their past or present self. Hey, they might even imagine you're what their future self will look like.

29. They think you're uber-talented. 

Someone's impressed at your bottle-flip.

30. Your etiquette and manners are noteworthy.

You are refined and respectable with very polished manners, perhaps in contrast to the setting you're in. Someone's noticed.

31. They're on your side of the argument.

While you're in an argument/debate, someone else is watching in the corner. That person is on your wavelength and agrees with your logic.

Or someone is watching as you are being treated unfairly, and this complete stranger is mentally sticking up for you. You'll just never know about it - you only caught them staring.

Final Thoughts 

See, it's not as bad as you thought. Someone may just be secretly admiring you... 

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