Rev It Up Reading Review | Will it Actually Help You Read Faster?

I recently enrolled in the Rev it Up Reading course by Abby Marks Beale. Here is my review of the course, to help you decide if it’s worth it for you. 

Rev It Up Reading Review | Will it Actually Make You Read Faster?

If you’ve been looking for an online speed reading course, you’ve likely heard of Rev it Up Reading. 

In this review, I'll be sharing my experience enrolling in the program and going through the material. I'll also be sharing my speed reading progress chart, so you can see my results before and after taking the course. 

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What is Rev it Up Reading and Why Was it Created?

Rev It Up Reading is a course by Abby Marks Beale, a published speed reading expert and educator with over 30 years experience in the industry. 

Her past clients have included students and educators in high schools and universities, government agencies, and business professionals in Fortune 500 companies. 

As she explains on the Rev It Up Reading website, Abby created this course because she used to hate reading.

In fact, she went through her adolescent life, four years of college, and three years working in the business world with this negative attitude.

However, her attitude changed after she got trained as a traveling reading and study skills teacher and discovered simple strategies that made reading more pleasurable. 

Today she is the author of three books - 10 Days to Faster Reading, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading and Success Skills: Strategies for Study and Lifelong Learning - and holds a master’s degree in Adult Learning. 

Considering the impact that high-quality reading has had on her life, Abby has made it her mission to help others who are interested in becoming the best readers they can be. 

What Will You Learn in the Course?

If you’re like most people, you haven’t had any reading training (let alone speed reading training) since elementary school.

And just because you’ve learned how to read, it doesn’t mean you know how to read to learn

The Rev it Up Reading course is designed to change that, by teaching you active, mindful, and conscious strategies that allow you to quickly  get what you need from any reading material in an efficient and effective manner. 

The goal isn't just to read faster, it's to actually understand and even enjoy what you read. 

This course is for you if you...

  • Feel you’re a slow reader
  • Have little time to read a lot
  • Daydream a lot when you read
  • Are overwhelmed with all you read
  • Want to become more confident in your reading abilities

In Rev it Up Reading, you'll be guided through multiple speed reading strategies for reading faster and better both on paper and on-screen.

As you progress through the course, you'll be able to measure your speed reading improvement through timed exercises and a self-evaluation of habits assessment. 

When you complete the the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Double, even triple, your current reading speed
  • Understand and remember more the first time
  • Stay awake and concentrate better with less distractions
  • Find important information quickly
  • Return to school with confidence
  • Take control of your reading workload(s)

The course is available in three enrollment options: 7, 90, or 365 day access

Whatever time frame you choose, you will get:

  • 5 hours of on-demand class content 
  • 9 interactive training modules 
  • 17 non-fiction timed reading exercises
  • A downloadable 122-page ebook: 10 Days to Faster Reading 
  • Personal help by email 
  • A certificate of completion 

=> Learn more about the Rev it Up Reading enrollment options here.

Rev It Up Reading Review - My Experience

Now for the moment you've been waiting for, my personal thoughts on the program...

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience of the Rev it Up Reading course. 

The speed reading strategies are simple and straightforward, so you shouldn't have any difficulty learning and implementing them.

Moreover, Abby explains the concepts in a logical way that flows excellently from start to finish. 

The only issue I found is that the course platform is a bit older, so I had some difficulty logging in and navigating through the platform at first. 

However, once you get past that, the course content itself is gold! 

One thing I realized at the beginning of the course is that I was already a pretty fast reader, which was a surprise :)

However, I was able to build on my skills through the provided reading exercises, as you can see in the course progress chart below:

WPM (words per minute) is a measure of reading speed, and the percentages refer to comprehension level, based on questions that were assigned after the readings. 

As you can see, by module 9 I was able to increase both my reading speed and comprehension, simply by implementing what I learned in the course material. 

Not bad! Especially considering that I was able to achieve these results within five days. 

I enrolled with the 7-day access option, and I think that it works well for anyone who is able to devote about just under an hour each day to the course. 

However, if you would like to take your time through the course and even leave space to go back and review what you’ve learned, then by all means enroll in the 90-day or 365-day option. 

3 Highlights from the Rev it Up Reading Course

Here are some of my favourite takeaways from the Rev it Up Reading course:

1. You Learn How to Reduce Information Overwhelm

A good speed reading course should teach you how to do two things: 

  • Read faster so you can read more of what you want
  • Clear out your reading clutter so you can read less of what you don't want 

The Rev it Up Reading course teaches you how to do both. Abby shows you ways to qualify reading material and reduce your reading pile so you can easily find the golden nuggets of information that you actually need.

This is super helpful, especially if you are a student or have a job that requires you to read a lot of documents.

2. I Genuinely Enjoyed the Readings

This might seem like a random point, but I found practice readings included in the Rev it Up Reading course to be quite engaging.

Some of them were on topics directly related to speed reading - for example, a guide on reading technical material - but there were also readings on other topics such as making career choices and dealing with worry. 

It's always easier to read when you find your reading material interesting! 

3. You are Provided with Plenty of Opportunities to Practice the Skills

This is perhaps the #1 reason why this course was so enjoyable - it didn't feel like a traditional online course! There was a perfect balance of information and exercises, so I didn't feel like I was sitting and listening to a long lecture.

I also found that the combination of one-minute and multi-minute readings allowed me to practice what I learned in a comfortable, familiar setting. 

By the way, keep an eye out for the fun "Discipline Your Eyes" exercise.  It's one of Abby's favourite parts of the course and a section that I really enjoyed too!

Conclusion & My Recommendations If You're Learning to Speed Read

Personally, I think that learning to speed read is one of the most useful personal development activities that a person could engage in.


Well, when you master speed reading, you no longer have to be afraid of the enormous amount of email, magazines, textbooks and other business, academic, or personal reading that finds its way to you everyday.

You know exactly what to do and how to do it. 

If you're a beginner to speed reading, I definitely recommend enrolling in the Rev it Up Speed Reading course so you can learn from Abby's extensive experience and useful tips. 

In addition, I want to leave you with one more key takeaway I got from the course: 

"Learning a speed technique may diminish your comprehension - but only temporarily. So focus on the strategy first." 

In other words, be willing to exercise patience as you learn to speed read. You have to get slow to get faster in the long run.

But if you put in the work, you're sure to arrive at an extremely rewarding destination.

=> You can enroll in the Rev it Up Reading course here.

All the best,


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