What to Do While You're Waiting For Calmness and Clarity 

Here are important things you can do in your life while you're waiting for calmness and clarity on an issue that may be causing you pain or distress...

What to Do While You're Waiting For Calmness and Clarity

Today I'm back and discussing an important topic that relates to gaining back mental clarity. I have been busy working on another project that I'll be excited to share on here at some point. (So that's where most of my focus has been if you're wondering).

In our lives, there come moments where we might be feeling really distressed about something that's happened to us. We feel a sense of wanting closure, we have no idea how we got in the situation or why things turned out the way they did. 

If we don't consciously make the effort to keep it pushing and keep busy, we can get lost in our thoughts, and perhaps even in our pain. It is so easy to overthink an issue and cause ourselves more frustration, when all we really want is the calmness and clarity of mind we once had. 

Eventually you will feel a renewed sense of calmness and clarity after a difficult experience, but let's talk about some things you can do in the meantime.

5 Things You Can Do While You're Waiting For Things to Get Better / Make More Sense:

1. Keep busy with work.

Work has a very fitting place in our lives. One of the times in life when you might appreciate the routine of even a mundane job is when you're feeling lost in more personal areas of life. It sounds ironic. But your work can make you feel like you've accomplished something, it can feel like something sure and tangible when you're unstable in other mental and emotional areas of life. 

Keeping busy with day-to-day tasks will distract you from worrisome thoughts and needless overthinking. 

2. Devote time to meaningful work.

Of course, even better than just everyday work is meaningful work that you actually care about. Projects that relate to a grander purpose, and that make life much more worthwhile. This one is a little tricky though, because spending time on this kind of work might at first glance seem like an intense energy drain. 

Creative work, or work that goes beyond routine tasks will take more of you than just tidying or filing papers. But at the end of the day, this type of work will refresh you, and provide you with even more energy than you had to expend. 

When you're working on something that's important to you, your self-doubt lessens, and you start to feel yourself again. Such meaningful work might include things like volunteering for a special cause, building your brand, or simply journaling your journey. 

3. Practice positive self-talk.

What exactly are we talking about when we say waiting for calmness and clarity?

It really means getting to that point in the (near future) when you finally put the puzzle together about whatever situation is disturbing you. You start to see things from a higher and healthier perspective. That might be the moment where you pick up your self-esteem from the ground and finally stop blaming yourself for something that wasn't your fault.

When you see the simple, unmistakeable truth behind whatever occured. 

But before you naturally reach that healthy perspective, you should do all you can to calm your mind and heart, even if you have to talk yourself into it. 

Practice pushing away each negative thought that enters your mind and instead using words that will heal you. Often this self-talk will involve telling yourself that although things are hard now, they will get better. Keep building yourself up with positive thoughts even when hope seems so far away. 

True, as you gain more clarity, you will feel better and more positive. But you know, as you try to be more positive, things will get clearer, too.

4. Help someone else, it really works.

This can be related to the above thoughts on meaningful work. The benefits of giving is one of the most beautiful things in life. It's crazy how when you put yourself out to help others, you have less time to think about your own problems.

That's not all. The more you give, the more you get. I very often feel inspired as I help those who may be struggling more than me. I always feel a sense of admiration and it seems to dwarf my own issue in such a lovely way. It reminds you that we're all human and we're all in the same boat, battling the same issues. 

Helping other people gives you a greater sense of purpose and helps you develop empathy, which can help you come to terms with your own situation.

5. Remember your values.

Remember your values. An extremely motivational scene in the Lion King comes to mind here, when Simba sees his father's reflection in the water and is told:

"You are more than what you have become."

"Remember who you are."

Remember who you are. 

You are your values. A main source of our distress can occur when we are disappointed by someone and then we let our own values slip. We seem to forget what has always been important to us, and confusion makes us start behaving in ways that do not align with our true values. 

It's important to take a step back and remember what you believed in before the situation came about. Stress and adversity can shift our thinking away from what it should be. 

Don't settle for less and don't compromise your standards. Breaking our own standards creates internal conflict. But when you re-establish your standards, you gain strength, you naturally boost your self-esteem and feel confident. 

You might have fallen down, but you can get back up. You are more than what you have become. And as you heal and recover, you will become better than anything you've seen yet. 

Keep going and do these things as you wait for the calmness and clarity that you so deserve after all this time beating yourself up!

It will come, and you will one day smile back with understanding. 

Thanks for reading. What do you do while you wait for clarity in your life?

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