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Hello and Welcome! Today I will be sharing my answers to the Best ‘Would You Rather?’ Questions.

Best Would You Rather Questions With RoliBest Would You Rather Questions With Roli

Would You Rather Questions are fun to do and they actually get you to think quite a bit, so today I thought I would try this tag as a blogging challenge. I have picked my favourite questions and some interesting ones so join me as I discuss them. Oh, and comment your answers below!

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1.  Would You Rather be stranded on an Island alone or with someone you hate?

I would rather be stranded on a island with someone ‘that I hate’ rather than alone. There are many reasons for this, one of them being that I would have a higher chance of survival.

And besides, hate is a strong word and not many people fall into that category. I think that if you were with someone, trying to survive would probably bond the two of you together so you might even leave as friends. Haha! Imagine that.  You could help each other get some shelter, find food etc.

Even just knowing that you’re not stuck there by yourself would be quite comforting. So  yeah, I would to have company  even if we aren’t the best of friends.

Would You Rather be able to talk to animals or speak all foreign languages?

Easy. Those of you who know me well know that I ABSOLUTELY love Languages. I love hearing different languages, I I love learning them too.

 Speaking to animals could be quite cool. But perhaps also quite freaky. I mean I would not want to eat an animal that I could speak to. It would make things a whole lot more complicated. If animals could talk to me/or I could talk to them, I  think I  would have to remove  chicken, beef,  fish etc. from my diet.

 So yep, I think I would happily chose to be able to speak foreign languages. That would be so impressive too. You would be able to make a deeper connection with anyone in the world and speak the language of their heart. Now that would be pretty spectacular. It would also make travelling so much easier.

3.  Would you rather be the most popular person at school or the smartest?

I would probably choose the brains, rather than be the most popular. For starters, the purpose of school is to learn and get valuable skills. So popularity isn’t exactly top of the list.

Besides, school eventually ends, then you have to roll up your sleeves and enter the real world. So it would totally do me more good to excel at school work than in the cafeteria or whatever.

I would choose to be that smart kid in movies who figures out how to do something phenomenal and nerdy – the one who solves the problem and helps their friends. The smartest kid would enjoy school, breeze through lessons and probably be done quicker. Not a bad idea?

4. Would You Rather never be able to eat hot food again or never be able to have a hot shower?

Ooh difficult. Yes I had to think about this one for a while, because both of those things are quite important to me. Hot food and Hot Showers are a couple of  those little things that make life special and that can comfort you. But… I think I would stick to my Hot food.

Imagine life without crispy Hot chips (French fries) or without a Hot curry or even very warm cookies. No. That would be too much. Hot showers are nice and relaxing, but cold food just would not do. Most meals are served Hot, so would I have to live on snacks? Or food that has been left out for ages? Nah. I would rather have a lukewarm or even cold shower. That wouldn’t be too bad.

5. Would You Rather Be The Sand Castle or The Wave?

The Wave. Waves are fascinating, the way they move and keep on going, curling again and again.

Waves are the ocean, the sea. They hold secrets of the world under water. They are powerful and strong, and not even the strongest human can fight a mighty wave.  (Poetry and word pictures are fun, ok).

Sandcastles on the other hand, are pretty but can easily be knocked down by a toddler running around a beach. They don’t stay around for very long, maybe for a few hours till someone gets bored and leaves.

But there is just something about waves that makes them majestic and incredible, or maybe it’s everything about them. Of course they are not living, but they just seem to be control of the shore and have this certain independence and freedom about them. They represent strength, consistency and contentment.

Am I thinking too deeply? Lol, maybe.

6.  Would You Rather Spend Money on Clothes or on the latest electronic gadget?

*flinches and ( and pretends to think about technology) but chooses clothes *.

Tech is cool, but I would still choose to spend my money on good quality clothes and outfit pieces.

The thing about gadgets and technology is that it is a rapidly changing industry. They are always making the next ‘Bigger and Better Version’, so I don’t know, it would feel like running around in circles. A few months later my gadget would be outdated or I would be interested in buying something else that does a similar job .

My favorite outfits on the other hand tend to stay special for longer. Maybe this is a girl stereotype, but I find clothes and fashion shopping more interesting that buying a gadget.

But to be perfectly honest, ‘things’ that we buy don’t tend to satisfy us humans for long, no matter what the item is. An item that you see in the store (and think it is love at first sight) becomes old and then you lose it or bury it somewhere in your  closet.

7. Would You Rather Be known for being Loyal Or Kind?

Loyalty and Kindness are both attractive qualities.

But I would probably choose kindness. A kind person would show loyalty, but being loyal doesn’t necessarily mean that you are also kind.

You may be loyal for the wrong reasons, or even stick up for what is bad.But if you’re kind then you would do good to others. Also it is nice when you meet someone new and find out and discover their kind personality.

Don’t get me wrong- loyalty is an extremely important quality. But in this situation- I would want to be known as a kind person. Someone who is warm and welcoming and does good things for others. Kindness encompasses so many other positive and endearing attributes – and  loyalty  is one of them.

8. Would You Rather Publish Your Diary, or make a movie on you most embarrassing moment?

I am a writer. I would probably publish my diary. Number 1, I don’t have deep and dark secrets and Number 2 a movie could be quite mortifying. When I write a diary entry, I think, pause, and then scribble.

But a movie would probably capture ALL THE WRONG THINGS. Clips from a movie would probably catch me totally off guard and when I am pulling the most awkward faces. Soo spontaneous!

Also, embarrassing moments (caught on camera) are often more embarrassing than what we right down ourselves.  With a diary entry you could probably get all creative and it would even be entertaining to read afterwards. But a movie is just too graphic.

Play the Would You Rather Game with Friends

I recently got the BestSelf Icebreaker Deck, which is a set of 150 prompts with fun and interesting questions that help you get to know people better.

It features questions across 6 Categories:

  • Life
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I enjoyed it as a way to spark meaningful conversations, especially during quarantine. Learn more about my experience using the deck here

So those are 8 of the Best Would You Rather Questions!

Thanks for reading my list and responses :)

 I tagged Brooke and Nikki to do this challenge too!

What Are Your Answers To Those Would You Rather Questions?

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