21 Simple Life Pleasures That Make Every Day So Much Better

The best things in life aren't complicated or expensive. Here are 21 simple life pleasures that add sparkle to the day and make life enjoyable.

20 Simple Life Pleasures That Make Life Beautiful

Every day we all experience moments with simple life pleasures that provide comfort and satisfaction. Here are some examples. Have you had any of these moments recently? 

21 Simple Pleasures in Life That Are Truly Wonderful

1. A cold glass of water on a hot summer's day

There's nothing like the first sip of a cold glass of water when it's hot outside and you're really thirsty. 

2. Being inside when it's raining outside

The sound and sight of rain is beautiful and tranquil when you're wrapped up indoors. Watching it, while staying dry. 

3. Waking up to go on vacation

Most of us hate getting out of bed...except when we're going on vacation. Even if you have to wake up early, it's different when you have something exciting to look forward to. 

4. Getting fresh air

This one of those simple life pleasures that many of us especially appreciated during the pandemic. Walking outside, breathing fresh air, and feeling the cool breeze on your skin.

5. Fresh bread

There's nothing arriving upon the smell of fresh bread at the bakery - then getting home, breaking open up a warm slice, spreading some soft butter on it, and eating it. 

6. Taking a hot shower after a long day

This simple pleasure is one of my absolute favourites. It's so relaxing and refreshing to take a hot shower after a long day, and then go to sleep in fresh clean clothes. 

7. The smell of coffee

Ok, I'm not even a coffee drinker, but I have to admit - the aroma of a morning brew is glorious. 

8. Making eye contact with a friend and smiling

You know those moments when you and your friend look at each other at the same time and smile, perhaps in reaction to something someone else said? Those moments of connection are so precious. 

9. Finishing a good book 

As humans, we tend to feel a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment when we complete things. Finishing a good book usually leaves me buzzing with excitement, as I mentally comb through what I just read. 

10. Completing a workout

On a similar note, there's no feeling like the rush of energy you get after working out. It's the literal endorphin boost as well as the good feeling you get from knowing that you're caring for your health. Even if you feel pain from training your muscles, it's a good kind of pain. 

11. The first couple of bites of a good meal

We all appreciate a good meal. But really it's the first couple of bites that are the most magical, the promise of good things to come...

12. Stretching

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we often forget to stretch. But then you stretch some muscles that you've been neglecting, and you realize that it's what you needed all along...

13. Singing with other people

This is something I take for granted until I do it. It's a wonderful experience to have your voice blend with other voices, singing powerfully and in unity. 

14. Waking up early then going back to bed

One thing I love more than sleeping in is waking up early, getting stuff done, then going back to bed. It's my guilty pleasure - starting the day twice. 

15. Being in the mountains

One thing I love about living in Alberta, Canada is being so close to the mountains. Whether it's hiking or just spending a day in Banff, I love to soak it all in.  


16. Hugging loved ones

Hugs are a prime example of life's simple pleasures. There's nothing like holding someone you love in your arms. 

17. Hearing a song that you like but haven't heard in a while

Hearing old music feels like time travelling. Sometimes you completely forget about a song, and then you hear it being played at the most unexpected time, in the most unexpected place. 

18. The scent of your favourite perfume

Spraying a few droplets of your favourite perfume is one of life's greatest pleasures. 

19. Hearing the right words at the right time

One of life's miracles is when you're feeling down or struggling in some way, and someone just comes along and says something that is exactly what you needed to hear at the time. 

20. Re-watching old shows and movies

The thing about re-watching movies and shows is that you already know the plot, and you know when the jokes are coming up, so you get to savour every moment as it occurs. 

21. Discovering what you like

I think that a simple pleasure in life is learning more about yourself. For example, realizing that you like a certain style, genre of music, or even a type of person. Intrapersonal intelligence is rewarding.

Final Thoughts

Simple pleasures are abundant, and they make life truly beautiful. These are a few of the ones that first came to mind for me, how about yourself? Comment below! 


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