Going the Extra Mile

The topic for discussion today is: going the extra mile. It is a phrase that is used quite often. But what does it mean? How does it affect your life and your level of success? Well, there are so many ways to apply the principle of going the extra mile, and that is what we are going to be talking about.

What going the Extra mile means...

Going the extra mile is a step that brings satisfaction and self-confidence. But what exactly does it mean?

  • Going the extra mile means going beyond expectations and limitations, it means doing your best at all costs and doing more than you have to.  Going the extra mile means removing the mental block that stops you from achieving.

Many times we just cannot be bothered to do certain things and if we finally end up doing them we do the bare minimum.

  • Going the extra mile is all about flying way beyond the bare minimum, going further and higher. It is not easy to go the extra mile.
  • Let's face it. We get tired, and sometimes we just want to ignore some responsibilities. But most of the time, negligence  is not an option. We have to push, and we have to push hard, to get to a place where we make both others and ourselves happy.
  • But why are we talking about 'going the extra mile'? Because going the extra mile is what separates winners and losers. Those who make it and those who do not.

Certain Kind of Strength

Going the extra mile is an action that you will only see in the strong. You will only find this kind of effort in those who have strength of character and are willing to fight to get where they want. What do we mean when we say fight?

We do not mean violence or physical confrontation with others. It means fighting weak human tendencies and thoughts that can stop us working hard. The weakness in ourselves. Our own inner enemy which stops us from trying harder.

Going the extra mile means cutting the excuses because we know that action is what is most needed, not excuses. And boy is it difficult to go the extra mile sometimes. But the more you put yourself out of your comfort zone, the more you being to realize that you can go much farther than you ever expected of yourself.

The Runner

Going the extra mile creates the image of a runner who is training. They know that to do well they cannot just take the easy route. They have to exceed their current achievements and build up the stamina they need for their big race.

So they do not just stop half-way. No, they go the extra mile. They push themselves more.

  • They are in the right frame of mind, not hindered  by tired legs or the thought of resting.
  • That takes determination and seeing the bigger picture.
  • Seeing beyond the immediate implications and looking at the long-term benefits.
  • A runner who keeps his eyes on the prize, goes the extra mile.

Why People generally don't go the extra mile...

Why do so many people do just what they need to get by in life rather than go the extra mile?

  • Sometimes, laziness - but not always. Many times people are just unaware of the chain of positive events that come from going the extra mile.
  • I think that if everyone knew the effects this gesture has, everyone would take the time to go the extra mile.

The Value of Going the Extra Mile: why do it?

  • Going the extra mile will make you stand out of the crowd in a positive way.
  • Going the extra mile, makes both yourself and others ooze with positive emotions.  People will remember what you did and feel good about you.
  • Going the extra mile will help you to move ahead of your competition and succeed where others fail.

What  are some practical ways that we can go the extra mile? Let's look at a few key ares:

  • Settling personal Differences
  • Going the Extra Mile at school or work

Settling Personal Differences

Going the extra mile plays a huge, huge role in our interpersonal relationships and that is why I wanted to talk about it first.

  • When we run into disagreements with our friends or others, there are many ways we can react. And the way we eventually choose to react sets us apart.
  •  It shows what we are made of, our level of resilience and how much we allow situations that we face to affect us.

 Going the extra mile when settling personal differences means taking the initiative, doing more than we have to, or even bringing ourselves to do what we think the other personal should be doing.

Going the extra mile can mean apologizing first-  even if we feel that the other person is at fault. It means taking  steps to create peace even if we feel that we have been hurt, or that we are the innocent one.

Yes, going the extra mile is a display of maturity. When we go the extra mile, we go beyond childish reactions and blame game, because we know that in the long run going the  extra mile will bring us back to our friends.

We can even apply going the extra mile if we are the one in the wrong. Maybe we have already apologized but we have not been forgiven. But instead of just taking off and feeling self pity, the one who goes the extra mile does even more to facilitate that reconciliation.

This might mean continuous effort, and showing that we really are sorry by extra gestures, like sending a card of flowers, or visiting the person to explain. Then that way we know we have done all we can to bring peace. And the one who goes the extra mile will have a clear conscience. Moreover, they will most likely receive the results they had been striving for.

Going the Extra Mile - at school or work

  • Another  area where going the extra mile is very applicable is when we are at school or work.
  • These days a lot of kids, would rather just do the bare minimum. They feel like there is no need to put real effort into their schoolwork. But going the extra mile is so important when you are at school or at work.

It you are going to do something it is best to do it properly, otherwise you are really just wasting your own time.

Going the extra mile at school will increase the amount of respect you get from your teachers, who will see that you are trying hard. It will make you fulfilled and the outstanding grades that come with going the extra mile will surely put a smile on your face.

 You can go the extra mile by doing a school task to the best of your ability, even if it means going out of your comfort zone to do it well and on time.  

Going the extra mile at work will also help you to please your employer, who will likely appreciate your hard efforts.

Good customer service is also about going the extra mile, not just doing what is required or expected, but doing even more to foster good relationships.

Going the extra mile will be noticed but it is not just for others, but for yourself too.

  • An important thing to remember… In order to realise the benefits of going the extra mile in business or your personal life, you must not expect anything in return.
  • Going the extra mile boosts self-esteem.  I mean, you are not going to be proud, if you do jobs badly with very little thought and consideration.
  • Every employer or teacher wants to deal with a person who goes the extra mile. It is such an attractive quality; it builds trust and respect. 

Sometimes the little personal touches that a person does ( in the workplace, in school or for the customer )mean the most.

Have you ever though about it this way : It is a privilege to be able to do and give more than what people expect of us? Constantly exercise that privilege.

Key Traits of the extra-mile-goer

  • They always look to do something different and special, they are creative.
  • They are full of pleasant surprises.
  • They send thank you notes, in addition to saying it.
  • They always give more than expected
  • They are flexible
  • They use Initiative

Practical Ways to go the extra mile!

  • Ways to go the extra mile
  • Run errands for a parent
  • Take a friend out to dinner
  • Call existing customers just to make sure that they are happy with their purchases.
  • Help a co-worker with their heavy workload
  • Do a personal favor for an employee

Inspirational, thoughtful quote
about going the extra mile

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on going the extra mile, and instances where it can be applied in our daily lives. I hope you have seen how going the extra mile is an amazing attitude to have even though it takes effort and determination.

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