New Years Resolution Ideas

....what's yours?

Top New Years Resolution Ideas

1. Cut Out The Clutter In My Life

Cut Out The Clutter in My Life - We all have tasks in our life that we have to juggle on a continual, daily basis.

And it seems that in the new year we try to add on more tasks (which actually makes us more busy and occupied)

  • Why not make the new year a time to cut out the nonessential and take time to breathe.
  • Prioritize and make time for the activities that will add the most value in your life.

Simplify, instead of squash.

2. Drink More Water

A lot of us don't actually drink enough water. We deprive our self of the best drink we could ever have. And the one that gives us the most wonderful, purifying benefits.

Let's change that, shall we?

The truth is, if you want to have clearer, more beautiful skin in the new year - then consider drinking more water.

3. Have a More Positive Attitude

So, so many problems we have are linked to our attitude, the way we view things in our life, what we choose to name obstacles.

Setting this as a new years resolution will greatly benefit you, and you will realize that you end up reaching far more goals because of the right attitude.

  • Vow to get up in the morning with a grateful smile and a great deep breath in.
  • Promise to take each day at a time and not worry about things for no-actual-reason. (we all like to worry)

4. Learn Something I Never Learned As A Child.

Who said it's too late. Go on...

There are likely many tricks and skills you never actually got to master in your childhood.

This year, why not make it a resolution to learn something you never learned as a child, no matter how basic and trivial you may at first think it to be.


  • Ride a Bike
  • Do a Handstand

5. Stop Complaining. It's Ever so Annoying

You never knew how bad this habit was.

Goes with the 'Keeping Positive' new years resolution.

Complaining can tear down the joy and peace of others around us. Sometimes we have genuine issues we need to bring attention to. Others times we complain for complaining sake.

Let's let certain things go and keep the conversation on the bright side.

Challenge Accepted

6. Eat Less Sugar - You're Sweet Enough Already.

You can do without it a lot of times.

*Most of us eat twice the recommended amount of sugar*

But put in the effort & you'll feel good for keeping your sugar intake low. There so many health problems linked to high sugar intake.


  • Check the sugar label carefully on items when you go shopping.
  • Stay away from high in sugar unhealthy foods and drinks as much as you can.
  • Have a go at healthier recipes which are low in sugar, high in fibre and simply delicious.

7.   Step Out of My Normal Routine (my comfort zone)

Make a change this new year.

Deliberately Turn a routine completely upside down, at least once.

  • Routine is good, but don't be stuck in it.
  • Allow for change and flexibility.

Make yourself more resilient by trying new ways of doing the same thing. Have no fear, and just go for it.

You'll never know if you don't try right?

Discover the thrilling excitement of stepping out of the box.

8. Read 12 books over the next year.

Now, I don't now how much of a reader you are.

If you love love love books then 12 books/year may even sound like a little task for you.

Let's go for it:

  • Read one well picked, interesting book per month.
  • 12 books this new year.

Want to do better in the next 12 months? The answer lies in filling your head with more inspiration, knowledge and wise words.


and try to read a range of material to broaden your horizons.

  • Read something you might have never picked up before.
  • Read a mix of fiction, non-fiction and personal development books.

9. Add a POP of COLOUR

We all need more colour in our lives.

Just for fun:

Dress in more colour than you normally would.

Add more colour to your bedroom decor.

Design a abstract/colourful piece of art and be proud of it.

Yes, this is not a mind-blowing-life-changing one, but it is fun.

And it might just bring a bigger smile to your face and make your insides glow.


The Hardest New Years Resolution of this list?

The Most Controversial?

Perhaps one of those ones you won't stop thinking about.

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