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Personal Development and Lifestyle for those who care and wonder, check out my personal development tips

Personal Development and Lifestyle

...For Those Who Care and Wonder

That in a nutshell, is what my blog, is about.

On this website find personal development tips and gems to deal with everyday life.

I believe that the personal development tips found on this blog can reach out to all, where young or old.

For those who care and wonder?

People who think about life and how to improve are the most successful people on this planet. They are able to grow in wisdom with knowledge from the past and useful information to guide their future.

On my blog you can find articles on  how to improve your quality of life in general, how to deal with teen life, and topics that appeal to me, including my experiences.

This is such a wide range!

I hope you enjoy :)

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How to Improve Your Reading Skills

How can I get the most of of reading? How can I become a better reader? Click here for some good tips on how to improve your reading skills.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Are you Frightened of Public Speaking? Find out how to overcome all your fears about public speaking here, and get some top tips.

Ways to Control Anger

Something happens and you just feel like bursting out in rage! But that is generally not the best idea. Managing anger is a key skill so today we will be looking at ways to control anger, Let's go!


Why You Should Make Your Bed

What is the point of daily bed making? There are many good reasons for making your bed. Find out why you should make your bed right here.

How to Stay Motivated To Workout

Some days we just feel like slacking off with our exercise routine. Find out  how to beat those mental and physical barriers and how to stay motivated to workout.

Things To Do in School Holidays

The school holidays have arrived! How can you make the most of your time of and have a lot of fun? Check out my ideas on things to do in school holidays.

On the Move

My Trip To Las Vegas

Looking to know what a trip to Las Vegas is like? Find out about my experience in Las Vegas here.

Banff- Real Beauty Beyond Description

Explore Banff Canada from a previous visitor's account and experience. Find out more about Banff national park, how to get there, things you can do, places to stay there and much more.

Telus Spark Science Center

This article is about my day at the Telus Spark Science center in Calgary. Click here to learn about the amazing exhibits and technologies I saw, and and join me on my discovery of science.

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