Social Media Tips
 Things to Remember When Clicking Through It All

How can you make the best use of the internet when you are social networking? Today I will be sharing free and useful social media tips, plus things to remember when you use the internet.

Social Media TipsKeep These Things In Mind:

Who can use these social media tips? Anyone and everyone.

Teens, Adults, Busy People, all kinds of people who use the  internet can benefit from the principles we are going to outline today.

These social media  tips will help you not waste your time unnecessarily  and ensure that you have the best experience when using social media.  So let’s go.

There are a few key things you want to keep in mind when using social media.

Hey, It's Your Time

A key thing to think about when it comes to using social media is the time involved.

Literally, one post or advert can lead to another and you may find yourself scrolling around (for hours) with no real purpose. Don’t worry – its ok – we all do it.

  • Don’t even get me started on YouTube. One video quickly leads to another and the minutes really tick by.
  • It can be hard to get off a social media site, even when you don’t really like it. It is almost like an obsession.

One of the ironies of the internet is that while it makes communicating with others easier, it can actually keep you apart from those you are in the same room as, or even right next to.  

Yes, social networking can gulp down your time and distract you from tasks that need to be done.

A good way to keep track of time spend is by scheduling a specific time to go on social media, like the evening for X amount of time.

  • Then measure the time you actually spent and work on keeping it as close to your target as possible.

Try to catch yourself in the act of being idle.

  • If you find that you are endlessly moving from one thing to another, then stop.
  • Just turn your phone over and sit still for a few minutes, or turn off whatever device you are using- immediately.
  • Rest your eyes for a second and then move on to more important tasks.

Social media is a great way to hear the latest news and to keep contact with your friends, but to get the best use of it, you need to know when to shut it down.

A Little Privacy, Please

Social media sites give you the opportunity to share as much and as little as you want, with whoever you want, so this is something to give thought to.

When we talk about protecting your privacy on social media and social networking sites, it essentially means keeping an eye on how much you reveal about yourself.

If you are not careful, your profile information, photos, comments etc could be revealing a little too much – and these could reach the hands of strangers and people who you wouldn’t want to be learning so much about you.

There are certain details that you really want to keep safe and only in the hands of your trusted friends and family. These include information about:

  • Where you Live
  • When you are (and are not) at home
  • Where you Work
  • Where you  Go to School.

If details like your phone number, email and date of birth are too easily accessible on social media accounts, it could leave you open to harassment, bullying or even identity theft.

Yep, it could get quite serious.

Sadly, many people still openly show all of these details on social media sites without keeping  privacy and safety in mind.

  • It’s important to remember that when you post something online, it’s in the public domain.
  • Even if you choose to share something with ‘Friends Only’, you can’t say for sure what friends could do with the information.
  • Just keep in mind that what you post online can easily be made public if it reaches certain hands!

To keep safe on social media, there are many things you can do:

  • Make yourself really familiar with the privacy settings on the social network.
  • Make your personal updates only visible to people you know and trust.
  • Avoid putting sensitive information on social networks.
  • A good idea is to phone a friend or speak in person when you want to relay that kind of message.

What Impression Am I Making?

Another social media tip is to watch what reputation you are creating for yourself.

  • You could easy carve out an image of yourself that is difficult to remove.
  • On social media many people say things that they would never say in person, and these things can stick.

Many employers now check social media before recruiting employees, so its good to think about whether what you post would create a bad impression, and turn others away.

Try and look at your social network page as others would see it.  

What do your photos say about your character?

When you see someone’s feed for the first time, you start to create an image of them in your mind, their posts send you messages about what sort of person they are and their interests.  

Do your posts represent the values you stand for?

  • A good way to judge (especially if you are young) is by asking, if my parents or teachers saw this post, would I be embarrassed about it?
  • Does what they can see and read match up with the impression I would like to make?

Those are a few of the most important social media tips for safety and making the most of your time online.

Thanks for reading this page! What social media tips would you give? Comment Below!

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