Ways to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone Today

Here are fun and interesting ways to step out of your comfort zone today, so you can approach day-to-day activities with more bravery and confidence.

Ways to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone Today - Learn to be Braver

1. Try out a new recipe 

One great way to step out of your comfort zone today is by cooking something new and exciting. Do you have a favourite recipe book? How many recipes in it have you tried? Why not pick one that you wouldn't normally go for, and see how it turns out.

Many people feel like they tend to stick with the same dishes most of the time, so it can be a fun experience to step out of your comfort zone and work with new ingredients and perhaps a new cuisine. You may discover a new dish that you can add into your weekly menus. Pinterest is a wonderful place to search for new inspiration, and you might already have a few interesting recipes that you've saved in the hopes of trying out later!

Here are some of my favourite recipes to try out...

2. Plan your next vacation to somewhere unusual

Another way to step out of your comfort zone today is by vacation planning. Planning a vacation can be so exciting - picking a destination, planning activities you are going to do and how you're going to get there. You could come out of your comfort zone by getting creative and picking an unusual vacation spot that you've never been to.

It could be an area on the map that you don't know much about or have never even heard of. It's a great opportunity to do some research, gain some knowledge and be able to compare different locations to see which one you'd like to travel to. 

There are literally so many options and places that you probably haven't visited - whether they're in your country or abroad.

3. Cut out television for the next 5 days, and go on a walk instead 

Reducing the amount of television you watch can be a very good plan that can enable you to spend more time developing some new skills or a new hobby. If you're used to watching TV everyday when you return from work, why not try something new this week.

How about you go on a walk for 20 minutes around your neighbourhood? Instead of being cooped up inside, take on this challenge as a way to get some fresh air and become more aware of what's going on in the community. 

This simple task repeated 5 times, could bring you new experiences and even bring you in contact with new people. After you've swapped TV watching with exploring the neighbourhood for 5 days, maybe you could then go on to use that time to devote to a skill you'd like to learn. It's a great way to make good use of your precious time!

4. Wake up an hour earlier 

Could you wake up an hour earlier for a few days this week? Waking up earlier can help you spend your mornings more productively, especially if you always seem to be in a rush. You could use that extra time to read for 30 minutes or even exercise before school or work.

Waking up an hour earlier is a good way to step out of your comfort zone, because it can help you to realise that you are capable of getting stuff done if you really want to. It's up to you whether you want to carry it on, but I think it's a good thing to try out for at least a few days. What will you spend your extra hour doing? Comment below, I'd love to hear.

5. Find an opportunity to volunteer 

Last but not least, you can also step out of your comfort zone by applying for a opportunity to volunteer in your local community. Volunteering can be so beneficial, whether it's something that can make your resume more interesting, or a way to help out locally and gain some unique experience in your chosen environment.

Many organisations love accepting volunteers and tend to post upcoming opportunities on their website or around their buildings. Search for what volunteer opportunities are available near you.

Most times there is such a range of projects to be involved in, whether it is volunteering at the zoo, at a one-time event or helping kids to read and write at the local library. Putting yourself in a new environment and learning new skills always pays off. You just have to see what you'd like to get involved in and apply! 

Step out of your comfort zone today - It's worth it

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a great way to discover hidden opportunities. Instead of waiting for new things to occur, why not bring yourself new experiences by reaching out and making positive changes, whether they're big or small .

Stepping out of your comfort zone can mean saying yes to things you'd normally be to worried to try out, or creating your own opportunities from scratch. Whatever the case, stepping out of your zone can help you increase self-confidence and achieve things that you can later look back on with much fondness. 

Looking for a pretty reminder to ensure that you always step out of your comfort zone? Here's a cool idea.

Do you try to step out of your comfort zone? How? Comment below, I'd love to hear!

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