150 Things I Love About Writing

What? 150 Things I Love About Writing?

What are you thinking? I must really love writing, right? Well, I do.

And Today I thought I would try this fun journaling exercise. So, here are 150 things I love about writing.

This is a challenge I thought writers/bloggers in particular would enjoy reading. Also note that this writing is stream of consciousness, so expect to see some redundancy.

I actually learnt so much from compiling this list and it resulted in a deeper understanding of the nature of writing. And a greater love for writing itself. I do hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and 150 things I love about what I am doing now.

1. Seeing my screen blank and knowing it will soon be full.

2. Talking to people I've never met.

3. Surprising people.

4. Surprising myself.

5. Incubating Ideas.

6. Knowing people are reading while I sleep.

7. Getting Positive Feedback.

8. Laughing and crying at the words.

9. The chance to tell the truth.

10. The chance to express what I may not say directly.

11. Inventing my own vocabulary.

12. Creating new outcomes.

13. Having a listening ear..or eye?

14. Being able to reach a large international audience.

15. Planning events on paper.

16. Offering solutions.

17. Using my imagination.

18. Being who I want to be at that particular moment.

19. Going back in Time.

20. Saving memories.

21. Using many forms of media to speak out.

22. Closing my eyes and drifting to another world.

23. Adding another voice to the internet.

24. A chance to release what I am feeling.

25. The opportunity to get carried away for a while.

26. Speaking without being judged.

27. Learning as I write.

28. Bringing something new to the table.

29. Putting my thoughts in a peaceful place, at rest.

30. The ability to look back at my words.

31. Seeing the way the world changes as I look back.

32. The Feeling of Satisfaction that pen and paper bring.

33. Knowing I'm doing what I love.

34. The ability to follow up my own writing.

35. Discovering more about myself.

36. The world pauses when I write.

37. Dreaming about writing.

38. Watching people smile as they read.

39. Losing awareness of my fingers typing.

40. Spontaneously come out with great ideas.

41. Writing to comfort myself.

42. Encouraging the Discouraged.

43. Connecting with someone.

44. Being relatable.

45. Making people giggle.

46. Making people tearful.

47. Reconciling my past, present and future.

48. Getting emotional.

49. Being loving.

50. Being understood.

51. Brain vomiting.

52. Brainstorming all I know about a word.

53. Owning my own outlet to write.

54. Re-living moments that I write about.

55. Being able to publish.

56. The privilege of having a growing reader-base.

57. Making Friends.

58. Being creative.

59. Joining the blogging world.

60. Understanding what others go through.

61. Being witty.

62. Leaving my anxiety behind.

63. Separating my brain from my heart sometimes.

64. Growing my mind.

65. Making progress.

66. Choosing a side.

67. Being different.

68. Asking you questions.

69. Painting pictures with words.

70. Tying pretty (literal) pictures into my work.

71. Bringing light to darkness.

72. Revealing things..

73. Saying what others won't.

74. Being a student.

75. Being a teacher.

76. Saying powerful words.

77. Changing the scene with one word.

78. Writing timeless information.

79. Staring into space as I think.

80. Loving to write.

81. Writing for people who aren't born yet.

82. Sharing what I love.

83. Getting advice.

84. Giving advice.

85. Jotting down my dreams.

86. Testing my ideas with my readers.

87. Generating opinions.

88. Losing track of time as I write.

89. Feeling good.

90. Being in my happy place.

91. Destroying what we are taught to accept.

92. Thinking out of the box.

93. Distinguishing between right and wrong.

94. Writing without Fear.

95. Embracing life.

96. Giving hope to people who have lost it.

97. Telling you you're not alone.

98. Waking up, itching to write.

99. Doing my dream job.

100. Being random.

101. Being me.

102. Being human.

102. Simplifying the complicated.

103. The thought of never-ending words/stories.

104. Knowing I'll never run out of ideas.

105. Freedom.

106. Independence.

107. Using exciting literary techniques.

108. Reminiscing about English Lessons.

109. Breaking writing rules.

110. Writing to myself now.

111. Writing to my future self.

112. Reaching out to like minded writers.

113. Inspiring myself.

114. Speaking to a certain someone.

115. Reading what I love about writing.

116. Learning from the best.

117. Trying out suggestions.

118. Being courageous.

119. Breaking personal records.

120. Writing related articles.

121. Creating links.

122. My own little community.

123. Writing on a website by my own name.

124. Seeing new angles.

125. Pausing.

126. Writing for no reason at all.

127. Writing to calm myself.

128. Writing on the wall (where appropriate).

129. Expressing myself when I want.

130. Blocking out negativity.

131. Not wanting to finish writing.

132. Helping people think spiritually.

133. Being Original.

134. Working my brain.

135. Hanging out in my mind palace.

136. Making favorites.

137. Building Web Traffic.

138. Writing in public places.

139. Opening doors.

140. Adding to the substance of the universe.

141. Finding the key.

142. Changing my mind.

143. Having many ways to convey one thought.

144. When people share my writing.

145. Meaningful use of time.

146. That unique state of joy.

147. Raising standards.

148. Documenting snippets of my life.

149. Scribbling for pleasure.

150. Making people want to read more..

Thanks for reading. Comment below your favourite from 1-150. Also you can say what you personally enjoy about writing!

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