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places i want to go

I have been thinking a lot lately about how wonderful it can be to travel. It has always been something in the back of my mind, but recently I thought it would be a good idea to plan out all the places I want to go. So join me as I discuss my fascinating holiday destinations and the countries I would like to visit.

1. India

All those who know me well know that I love the thought of visiting India.

India is such a unique place, with a culture that fascinates me and specific sights I would like to see and experience.

What attracts me to India?

In short, the food, the clothes, the music, the elephants. I have been told that India is not a country that can be explained, it must be experienced.

It's a place where you will  encounter an intense variety of sights, sounds and smells. Chaotic traffic clamour, colourful saris, savoury smells of street food ie samosas, the muggy heat in full sunshine, business men yapping into cell phones.

I am all up for the sensory adventure.  To me it sounds so interesting.

I think a vacation does not always have to be perfect and serene. It is a wonderful thing to be able to enjoy the uniqueness of different locations and feel the buzz of cities around the world. To be able to experience someone's home, and come back to mine wiser.

I have done some research on traditional Indian food, and I have learnt about the diversity in the country's cuisine. In the north, you could be sampling clay-oven Tandoor recipes with thick gravy and naan bread, while in the East you'll find plenty of fish and tortilla-like chapatti, and wafer-thin  crepes called dosa in the South.  If you are looking for something sweet, you are completely covered with many dessert and yoghurt treats.

Bollywood and Architectural Magnificence

Bollywood is of course a cultural phenomenon that I would like to see. It is a national past time and people from all over the country flock to see new movies in cinemas. Bollywood is very entertaining - there's nothing like it.

I could talk about what I would like to explore in India for ages, but one final thing I would love to mention is the Taj Mahal.  This may sound a bit cliché but it is top on  my list of places to visit in India. It is a stunningly beautiful piece of architectural art and it has a sad love story to go with it. 

India was known as the 'crown jewel of the British Empire', and I look forward to visiting this country.

2. Australia


Australia is another one-of-a-kind destination that would be brilliant to explore. From amazing beaches, tropical islands, gorgeous city life and unique wildlife and history there is just so much to experience.

A particular place that I would like to visit in Australia is Melbourne, Victoria. Melbourne is Victoria's coastal capital and it is a city of stately 19th century buildings and tree-lined Boulevards.

Melbourne is packed with attractions from laid-back laneways and lush parks to grand libraries and museums, all wrapped up in a vibrant atmosphere. Melbourne City Centre alone looks spectacular, and it is home to five of the six tallest buildings in all of Australia. Melbourne City Centre has been placed alongside New York City and Berlin as one of the world's greatest street art mecca's.

A Taste of the Garden...

Another point of interest is the Royal Botanical Gardens located near the centre of Melbourne,   on the south bank of the Yarra River. The Gardens are apparently a great place to relax, and you will also discover free tours and a lovely lake too.

The World under the Water

I would also like to discover creatures of the Southern Ocean in the 2-million-liter oceanarium known as Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium. You can draw your own sea animals and then scan them into a computer and they become animated in a wall-size computer model of an aquarium. Awesome! Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium takes you on an interactive adventure from the depths of the ocean to the icy waters of Antarctica.

Other extremely attractive parts of Australia...

So the beaches…

I would love to go to the Twelve Apostles Beach in Victoria, which is known as one of the most spectacular stretches of coast anywhere on earth. You can actually slip off your shoes and go exploring! The beach is also on one of the world's top road trip routes, the legendary Great Ocean Drive.

Whitehaven beach is also highly recommended: a long stretch of palm trees, clear blue water, and some of the softest, whitest and cleanest sand on the planet.

The Australian Outback seems like one of the most surreal places on Earth. A land of bright red earth, the occasional canyon full of trickling waterfalls and aboriginal cave drawings.

I also want to see Sydney Harbour at sunset. Yes, it’s a must-see, and truly gorgeous. Most people who lay eyes on it are nothing less than absolutely stunned.

3. The Caribbean

The Caribbean is another one of my top holiday destinations. The Caribbean is generally a location with easy access due to the amazing variety of direct flights you can find.  There are so many flight deals that make getting to the Islands a no fuss process. There's no excuse for you not be enjoying  a sugary cocktail in your own Caribbean beachfront villa haha!

The Caribbean  also offers many great vacation activities. The Islands are perfect for snorkelling trips, top diving spots, golf vacations and much more. Barbados is a great destination for golf and cricket fans alike.  Bermuda is top for scuba diving and relaxing, wellness vacations too. The Caribbean is also a hotspot for tennis, horse riding, water sports and yacht vacations.  There is so much to get up to in the Caribbean!

Sunshine Please,

Some things that attract me to the Caribbean are the relaxation and weather. Year-round sunshine guarantees the perfect escape from the daily grind. The chance to enjoy a  'winter' of clear blue skies and soft beach breezes.  Every Island in the Caribbean offers up pink sunsets, blue seas, and picture-perfect weather. 

To me, The Caribbean just seems like one of those places that should be on everyone's bucket list. (Or at least one of the Islands.)

Fried Plantain, Jerk Chicken and Festivals!

Festivals are very important in the Caribbean and reflect the rich diversity and history. I've been told that if you love colour, costume and carnival, you will love the Trinidad and Tobago festivals. With the steel drum bands, all night partying and dancing you will have a whale of a time.

Caribbean food is also very attractive. Traditional Caribbean food is a fusion between African, Amerindian, European, East Indian and Chinese Cuisine. The seafood is apparently really fresh and delicious.  As you can imagine, the spices and fusions of taste are gorgeous. Some of the most-loved dishes are plantain, fresh fish, spicy rice and jerk chicken!

Hopping From Island to Island

I think it would be a great idea to visit different Islands on a Caribbean Vacation.  The cluster of Caribbean  Islands and islets amount to around 7000! They all vary greatly and if you really want to experience Caribbean culture then it is essential that you explore.

The Caribbean is well set up for DIY Island hopping  with ferry routes running between islands and even car rentals are available sometimes.

4. Italy

Italy is one of my favourite places to research, and I would absolutely love to go there. There is so much to explore on the boot-shaped country, from fashion centres, to rural beauty and villages with amazing cuisine and thoughts of gelato.

The cities are legendary, and they are all so close, which makes travelling around so great! Famous cities like Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan and Verona are all packed into a country about the size of Arizona USA. Thankfully Italy has a superb train network so you can experience them all in one trip.

Italy is home of Roman ruins. I would love to visit the Roman forum, the epicentre of ancient Rome and home to intriguing temples, arches and government buildings that make it easy to recall the incredible grandeur of 2000 years ago.

More to enjoy...

Antipasti-  Antipasti is the traditional first course of a formal Italian meal. How better to start a meal than with a plate of prosciutto, cheese, spreads, marinated veggies and olives (if you're into them). Each region has its special antipasti staples. Inviting...

Italy has the highest number of World Heritage sites, ranging from cave paintings to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  There are many historical and cultural treasures to discover!

Pasta, Pasta, Pasta!

Italy has a wonderful and extensive variety of pasta. You could try and count the variety you know, but that is only touching the tip of the iceberg. Italy has over 300 types of pasta, each tastier that the last. And the best part is they are often fresh and handmade! Let's not even begin to talk about the sauces…

La Dolce Vita - The Sweet Life.

La Dolce Vita in Italy means a life of pleasure and simple luxury; it's about enjoying the good things in life and indulging in the things you love. It is no surprise that it is an Italian idea! The Italians seems to have mastered the art of living with great food, beautiful places and good Italian humour!

>> > Learning Italian…

5. Switzerland

Matterhorn, Switzerland

Then last but by no means least, Switzerland. Switzerland is full of breathtaking sights.

For example, The Alps... Need I say more?

More than 60 percent of Switzerland is covered with mountains, another quarter marked by dense forests. Many visitors are lured to Switzerland just to experience the untouched outdoors. I'd  like to visit Graubünden, where Heidi was set.

The Jungfrau Region offers spectacular scenery.  The white peaks of three towering mountains - the Jungfrau , Monch and Eiger - contrast with the green valleys and meadows. I look forward to enjoying the fresh mountain air while visiting this place.

Switzerland is also home to the Rhine Falls, Europe's largest waterfall. Near the Rhine falls you can find the medieval castle, Schoss Laufen which has a restaurant, youth hostels and shops. On Swiss National Day,(Aug 1st) the Rhine Falls is host to a fantastic display of fireworks which attracts thousands of tourists.

Switzerland would also be a great hiking destination with thousands of miles of well-marked trails. I would also like to visit Matterhorn -a majestic mountain that is a proud symbol of Switzerland.

I would not forget to enjoy a bite of Swiss chocolate in Switzerland too.

Thank you for reading my page on places I want to go! I have the privilege to have readers from each of the places mentioned, so if you live in or have visited one of these places please comment  your experience below!

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

-Gustave Flaubert

Italy From the Inside

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