Things That Make Me Happy

Hi! Today I'm sharing a list of just a few of the things that I enjoy in life, From A-Z. I hope you enjoy reading about these happy-making things!

A >>> ART In Many forms

I enjoy looking at art whether it is a unique painting or a live sunset. I may not be the best drawer but I’d like to think I’m a creative thinker. I love the mix of innovation and beauty.

B >>> Buffet

Buffet food! As much as I don’t want this whole list to be based around food, this one just has to be on here. I like it when nice restaurants have buffet options so you have the opportunity to try a range of dishes. Mixing and matching different tastes. Yes I’ll have some of that.

C >>> Comfort

Comfort  or being comfortable– This may seem like a broad one, since there are so many comforting things. Such as the warmth when its cold outside and being curled up in a blanket reading a great book / watching a movie. Or even comforting and encouraging words at the right time. Yes comfort is definitely about timing and the combination of pleasant things.

D >>> Dessert

 Dessert. I do have a bit of a sweet tooth so I always get excited when I hear about dessert at the end of a meal. It’s the perfect way to top everything off. Whether it’s fresh fruit, ice-cream or a gooey chocolate pudding, it’s something special to look forward to.

E >>> Energy on Demand

Energy. I adore the feeling when I get out of bed and I’m automatically full of energy and wouldn’t even go back to sleep if given the chance. That great sensation when I’m about to run a race or at the start of a performance and I feel energy surge through me. And also, those moments when you don’t need caffeine or an energy drink to do that, because your approach and mindset are enough.

F >>> Fridays - Who Doesn't?

Friday Fun-Days. Fridays are quite momentous. They open the way for the weekend and signify the end of a hard working week. Now time to relax a bit and have a break.

G >>> Growth

Growth and progress are such valuable things to be able to watch over time. It involves patience but you are rewarded when you are able to see something small grow into something big. Whether it’s something you can touch – like a plant you’ve grown or even personal progress.

H >>> History

 I was thinking about what H should be for a while then it instantly struck me. I absolutely love history. I find it so interesting when history repeats itself or when we see a modern day connection. I love visiting museums especially the British Museum and learning about the details and motives behind some of the world’s most famous events.

I >>> Idioms

Idioms. I find language quite fascinating and the weird sayings that humans have managed to coin. I am generally interested in the origins of quirky phrases and often wonder who even thought of them. Two idioms I find quite interesting are ‘ The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread’ and  to ‘Let the Cat out of The Bag!’

J >>> Jumping In the Deep End

Jumping in the deep end. This is one of my favorite aspects of swimming. I like jumping off at the deep end and traveling down the water before I pop back up. Can’t get tired of it either.

K >>> Kale Smoothies

Kale smoothies. Kale is a super-food and I love the fact that I can enjoy a delicious smoothie at the same time as getting the goodness and nutritional value. Blend it all up and I'm set to go.

>>> Read my discovery of Green Smoothies

L >>> Laughing Till I Cry

Laughing. A good laugh is a soothing and wonderful thing. It’s nice when a person makes you laugh, but also, making others laugh is quite amusing. Contagious laughs are the best. And laughing then forgetting what you were laughing at in the first place. Laughing leaves you with a warm tingly feeling inside. There’s really nothing like it.

M >>> Moments That Bring Back Memories

Memories that take me back to an amazing moment with amazing people. Reliving the cherries on the cake of life and reflecting on how wonderful they were–but knowing that the best is yet to come.

I love playing the BestSelf Icebreaker game with friends. It's always a good laugh and brings back good memories during conversation. 

N >>> Novelty

 Novelty. I like being introduced to new people and trying new things. Its wonderful when you get to try something for the first time and then you discover you like it.

O >>> Online Shopping

Online shopping. I’m an online shopper and I enjoy checking store inventories online and purchasing cool items for a good price. If you are an online shopper, you will relate to the awesome feeling when your package arrives and you scramble to open it. It feels like you’ve sent yourself a present.

Ok, shopping in general can be quite adventurous for me.

P >>> Public Speaking

Public Speaking! I enjoy public speaking quite a bit. For some, speaking in public may appear to be daunting and nerve racking, but I enjoy talking, and talking to a group of people. This may sound crazy but I find that it helps me relax and I certainly do feel happy doing it.

Q >>> Quotes for all occasions and moods

Quotes – Quotes give me the same amazing feeling as relatable song lyrics. They help me understand ideas better and are often practical gems from successful people. They can be really humorous or very deep or even a mix of both. I enjoy sharing my favorite quotes with you in articles like this and this.

R >>>

Did you see it coming? One of my greatest joys is managing and being able to create a space online where I can write and post things that interest me. And here’s a chance for me to add: Thanks for visiting!

S >>> Spontaneity

 Spontaneity – I like it when pleasant things happen out of the blue. When your whole day changes for the better and you never saw it coming. As much as I am a planner and like organizing, I do love good surprises, they’re so exciting.

T >>> The Truth

I love the truth. In a world full of darkness I like the ability to see clearly and understand vital aspects of life. It keeps you grounded no matter what. I also love genuine people who don’t hide who they are and will also stand up for the truth.

U >>> Understanding Things / Light Bulb Moment!

 Understanding things. It’s great when I'm solving a problem or trying to get my head round something and I Finally Understand What I Am Doing. Makes life a whole lot easier. It is also great when you describe something to your friends and they understand where you're coming from -straight away.

V >>> Velvet

Velvet! Velvet is such an elegant material and I love the soft texture. Throughout history velvet has also been associated with the rich and powerful so that is quite interesting. Velvet can be used to create some pretty fabulous fashion apparel and accessories.

W >>> Working Out

Working out can seem like the least favorite thing at times, but once a good workout is done, it is one of the absolute best feelings in the world. Keeping healthy in general feels good. It is nice to keep yourself in good shape and to know that your are looking after yourself well.

X >>> X Rays

What begins with X that I like?

X rays are quite interesting. Lol, X ray is one of those typical alphabet matching words that you learn, like A for Apple.

There are fascinating machines though. I can only remember being behind one once in my life. And also being in physics class and learning about the electromagnetic spectrum and how X rays work. X rays just remind me how cool the human body is and how there is more to us than we can see.

Y >>> Youthfullness

Youthfulness. I like experiencing and discovering new things about the world and myself while still being young. I like perceiving things in slightly different ways as I get older.

I enjoy being young and active, and the degree of freedom that comes with it.  Mind you, I look forward to the experience that comes from aging.

Z >>> Zip Lines

Zip Lines! Zip lines are pretty awesome. At first they seem daunting, but then you go on and they are so much fun.

Swinging through the air on a stainless steel cable, on a slight incline, is sure to bring some thrills. I would like to actually try zip-lining through a forest full of trees with a majestic view.

Thanks for reading my list of Things That Make Me Happy From A-Z. These are just a few of the countless things that I enjoy. Comment below if you related to any of these!

It was a fun challenge!!

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