Why Getting Rid of Stuff Will Make You Happier

Sometimes, having more actually makes our lives more complicated. Here are ways that getting rid of stuff will make you happier!

Getting rid of stuff that you don't actually need can really help you sort out your life and allow you to focus on the things that matter most. In this world, we often seem to think that more is better, but often, it means that we pile up heaps of unnecessary items, which end up cluttering our lives.

Help Others

One way that getting rid of stuff can make you happier is that you may be able to give to others in need. For instance, they are likely things in your wardrobe that you never wear. Perhaps you bought something but long after discovered that it does not fit you properly. Instead of just letting it sit in your closet for ages, you may be able to give it to someone who you think it could benefit.

You could literally do this with most of the items you own that are just lying around. Think of someone, maybe a family or a friend that you could gift it to, and then plan to give it to them. Of course, you don't just want to pass along things that you know no-one can actually use, whatever you give should be in good condition.

People will often feel very touched that you thought of them in this way. You will also feel a sense of contentment from giving those items away. You never know, your gift might be exactly what someone was looking for. As well as giving to your friends and family, it is also a great idea to give items that you no longer need to charity and help someone who is not able afford many of such things.


You may even be able to make some cash by selling things you no longer use. You could set up a garage sale, or sell things online. This might be a good idea especially if you need to save up for something such as a trip or spending money for a vacation. If you're reasonable with your prices, this may even be another way that you can help others. Selling your stuff is likely to make you happier than if you don't need them and they are just taking up space and collecting dust.

More Space to Breathe

One of my favourite reasons to get rid of stuff I don't need is also the fact that it can open up a lot more room in your house. Of course, when you get rid of things, the plan is not necessarily to stock up with more and fill up that space again. You should be able to mentally separate yourself from the things you have and be willing to live with less 'stuff'.

Having more space can psychologically give you the feeling of greater freedom, and getting rid of clutter gives you a greater sense of control too.

When you are free of items you don't need, you can redesign your space, and move things around to make your room look bigger. It is also very likely that by getting rid of your unnecessary things, you can make your living space cleaner and more presentable.

Getting rid of stuff may help you realize that you can live a more simple life, and that you do not have to be reliant on so many physical things. It could also mean that you have more time, because you  are not focused on time-consuming tasks and activities associated with certain items, (for example, selling your play-station means less time spent playing games). Having less possessions generally means less time spent on maintenance and upkeep too.

Dissociate Yourself From Certain Memories

Getting rid of things from your past can be really helpful in removing yourself from certain memories that may have been unpleasant. Many of the things we own are associated with certain people, or perhaps a past way of life, and so getting rid of that stuff can help you get a new start.

This will mean that your don't have to be reminded by that thought you are trying to remove from your mind every time you open your desk drawers. There is no need to bring up anger, sadness or pain each time you see that notebook or teddy bear.

It is best to make sure the stuff that are in your life now are things you really need and will help you flourish, not hold you back. So get rid of those things that are associated with negativity and surround yourself with items that give you positive, inspirational vibes.

What If  Your Life Was Simpler?

Clearing your space and getting rid of some stuff does not mean that you have to take on a vow of poverty. It simply means removing the things that no longer add value to your life. Continually discarding what does not help us is good way of maintaining balance and making more space for what does help us. And for the most part, it will give you more time and energy too.

What could you be doing or feeling if all that stuff was not in the way?

It's a more exciting, more fulfilling and less-stressful life that proves you do not need to be dependent on material things for happiness.

Thanks for reading. Any thoughts on why getting rid of stuff can actually help you and make you happier? Please feel free to share below!

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