7 Best Full Stack Developers to Hire on Toptal

Looking for a developer for your project? Here are the best full stack developers to hire on Toptal, the top platform for finding freelance technical talent.

7 Best Full Stack Developers to Hire on Toptal

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Many companies - both large and small - face challenges when it comes to hiring full stack developers, from candidate qualifications to team dynamics, to economics that fit their financial scale. 

Toptal is widely recognized as one of the best platforms for finding technical talent, because they do all the hard work for you, screening candidates on soft skills as well as hard skills. 

Looking for a full stack developer for your project?

Here is a list of 7 of the best full stack developers on Toptal. Below you'll be able to see some of their skills and experience, and determine the best freelancer for your needs. 

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more information.

7 Best Full Stack Developers on Toptal

Here are some of the best full stack developers to hire on Toptal for your project: 

1. Matthieu Pons


Matthieu Pons is a Toptal full stack developer Matthieu with more than 15 years of hands-on experience in front- and back-end development.

His solid focus on products led him to co-run a media agency and even build a startup.

Always looking for challenging learning opportunities, Matthieu explored the machine learning space and wrote a fast and efficient recommender system still serving end users today.


  • PHP - 20 years
  • SCSS - 8 years
  • Symfony - 8 years
  • Angular - 6 years
  • TypeScript - 5 years
  • PostgreSQL - 5 years
  • Solr- 5 years
  • Python - 3 years

Project Highlights: 


A project that combines simple machine learning techniques to generate synonyms and original words for projects and websites. The project integrates with Namecheap's API to automatically check for the availability of domains containing the generated names. Matthieu also worked on the project UI/UX.

Reach 100
A simple, front-end-only, number-based puzzle game. The game doesn't rely on any frameworks and is very lightweight. Matthieu also did the game design.

=> Hire Matthieu as a Full Stack Developer on Toptal here.

2. Giorgi Omiadze


Giorgi is a highly-skilled full-stack developer with over five years of experience in React development. 

He is proficient in translating designs into high-quality code and implementing highly-responsive user interface components with React concepts.

His primary focus is on web and mobile development. He is keen on writing clean and reusable code using best practices.


  • JavaScript - 8 years
  • Full-stack - 8 years
  • React - 7 years
  • Node.js - 6 years
  • GraphQL - 5 years
  • React Apollo - 5 years
  • TypeScript - 3 years
  • React Native - 2 years

Project Highlights: 


Implemented back-end and front-end of the big social media like a mobile application. It featured lots of complex features to enhance the user experience.

The project included an online payment system, advanced search by geolocation, user review system, and complex custom chat.

Improving Lives Portal

A web application where users register and get individual meal plans and exercise plans for their health. These plans change every day and the users register their progress. The application has lots of features with complex functionality. Giorgi worked on the front-end with React.

=> Hire Giorgi as a Full Stack Developer on Toptal here.

3. Kushagra Sharma


Kushagra is a result-oriented software engineer with over eight years of experience writing scalable solutions to solve real-world problems.

He is proficient in systems design with a keen focus on building reusable artifacts. Kushagra works best in fast-paced environments and has a solid reputation for delivering projects with high accuracy.


  • Java 8 - 8 years
  • Amazon DynamoDB - 6 years
  • Amazon S3 (AWS S3) - 6 years
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) - 6 years
  • React - 6 years
  • Python - 4 years
  • Flask - 3 years

Career Highlights: 

Third-party Integrations for Headless eCommerce

Designed the merchant onboarding platform for Fabric. Built an orchestration engine that allowed merchants to bring in their existing integrations and pipe a chain of API calls. Also created an abstraction layer to transform third-party calls into standardized Fabric definition.

Software Development Engineer II - Amazon LLC

  • Created a reliable and flexible picking algorithm for Amazon's third-party vendor warehouses. It helped associates pick items with high accuracy and minimal collisions. 
  • Developed an efficient inbound platform for Amazon's print-on-demand business, which helped onboard thousands of sellers worldwide in its first week of launch.
  • Implemented a driver transparency project focused on evaluating deliveries, offering insights, and incentivizing top performers at Amazon's last-mile technology division. 

=> Hire Kushagra as a Full-Stack Developer on Toptal here.

4. Julia Hogan


Julia Hogan is a full-stack engineer with a varied background, from working on legacy APIs processing billions of transactions per second to building websites for small companies in a week.

She's tech agnostic and cares about aligning with her partners' priorities and needs. She brings experience in distributed teams and leverages strong communication skills, adaptability, and problem-solving to deliver success.


  • PostgreSQL - 7 years
  • Back-end Development - 7 years
  • JavaScript - 7 years
  • Express.js - 6 years
  • Full-stack Development - 5 years
  • Front-end Development - 4 years
  • React - 4 years
  • TypeScript - 4 years

Career Highlights:

Full-stack Developer and Team Lead - Skylight Digital

  • Led a multidisciplinary team of seven through a pilot launch of a data collection application for state-funded child care providers through to successful full launch resulting in a record >95% compliance with data reporting.
  • Ensured HIPAA, IDEA, and FERPA security standards were met by the TypeScript and Express server, AWS-hosted infrastructure, and identity server authentication provider.
  • Took part in high-level strategic planning to balance strategic outcomes with technical feasibility as a technical engagement manager.

OwnPath by Colorado Behavioral Health Administration

A responsive single-page React site was built with the  Colorado Behavioral Health Administration to make it easier for Coloradans to search for and locate appropriate behavioral and mental healthcare.

Julia managed the development and data processing and supported teammates in setting up analytics, deployments and infrastructure, and CI/CD pipelines.

=> Hire Julia as a Full Stack Developer on Toptal here.

5. Martin Indzhov


Martin is a full-stack engineer with a broad web application development skill set.

He has worked on various products, from solving enterprise-grade problems to launching new applications for startups.

His work involves leading technical teams by creating an accessible development environment, fixing technical debts, enforcing best practices in teams, and mentoring developers.


  • C# - 7 years
  • .NET Core - 6 years
  • Full-stack - 6 years
  • Software Architecture - 6 years
  • API Integration - 5 years
  • Agile - 5 years
  • React - 5 years
  • Angular

Project Highlights: 

Pet Insurance System

A web-based platform designed to help individuals and families purchase pet insurance policies online, providing a convenient and accessible way to obtain the coverage they need for their pets.

Martin's responsibilities included:

  • Designing and developing the insurance application software from scratch using .NET Core, AngularJS, WebFlow, and Microsoft SQL
  • Releasing the project successfully to the production environment
  • Setting up the Azure DevOps infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines

Advanced Sports Betting Platform

A complete technology solution for advanced sports betting used by over 40 clients worldwide.

Martin's responsibilities included:

  • Full-stack development and improvement of the betting platform
  • Communication of business workflows and analytic requirements
  • Investigation and production-bug solutions
  • Research and full integration of third-party betting providers into the platform
  • CI pipeline implementation with Jenkins
  • Standards-compliant and high-quality code write-ups
  • Applications and improved data manipulation optimization
  • Providing team support during difficult situations, particularly those requiring the help of more than one developer

=> Hire Martin as a Full Stack Developer on Toptal here.

6. Jonathan Rhone


Jonathan Rhone is a full-stack engineer with more than ten years of experience.

He has worked on large-scale distributed systems and client-facing, single-page web apps. Jonathan also excels at big data and is often involved with social media-related analytics projects.


  • Python - 8 years
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) - 7 years
  • NoSQL - 6 years
  • JavaScript - 6 years
  • PostgreSQL - 5 years
  • Flask - 5 years
  • Node.js - 4 years
  • Kubernetes

Career Highlights: 

Software Engineer - Streamlit 

  • Worked on the Core and Cloud teams at Streamlit, the fastest way to build and share data apps.
  • Collaborated in areas such as monitoring and alerting, APIs, microservices, infrastructure automation, and on-call rotation in our Kubernetes-based platform as a service, Streamlit Cloud.
  • Participated in Python memory profiling, continuous integration and deployment, caching internals, and new 3rd party integrations to the open-source library on Streamlit Core.

Full-Stack Engineer - Kiro

  • Led the development of Kiro, a tool that helps your software engineering team eliminate project delays and multiply your efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Developed the data harvester, APIs, and user-facing web app that allowed for integration with various project management providers and pulling their data.
  • Built infrastructure automation tooling to allow repeatedly deploying the platform and data layers.

=> Hire Jonathan as a Full Stack Developer on Toptal here

7. Josh Choi


Josh is a full-stack developer with over six years of freelancing experience.

His skills include designing front ends in languages like React, developing back ends in languages like Node.js and Python, and integrating services and APIs like Stripe and Alchemy.

Josh has worked with databases like MongoDB and DynamoDB and deployed apps to cloud service platforms like AWS and GCP and smart contracts and programs to blockchains like Ethereum and Solana.


  • React - 6 years
  • SQL - 6 years
  • Python - 6 years
  • Node.js - 6 years
  • MongoDB - 6 years
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) - 4 years
  • Solidity - 2 years
  • Ethereum - 2 years

Project Highlights: 


This is a product suite for freelancers in Web3. Josh managed a team of four to develop and deploy a full-stack application in React, Node.js, Python, and DynamoDB to AWS and smart contracts in Solidity to Ethereum and Polygon.

Its features include wallet authentication, a product dashboard, on-chain income analytics, and an NFT marketplace.


This is a media platform to gauge public opinion on topics ranging from politics to film. Josh managed a team of two to develop and deploy a full-stack application in Vue, PHP, and MySQL to AWS.

Its features include email authentication, customizable profiles, content search, posts, comments, likes, polls, notifications, inbox messaging, and account settings. He was also heavily involved in customer research and iterating on the product based on feedback.

=> Hire Josh as a Full Stack Developer on Toptal here.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this list has helped you find a full stack developer on Toptal for your project.

Don't forget: every time you work with a new Toptal freelancer, you will have a trial period of up to two weeks to make it's an excellent fit!

Happy collaborating! 


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