5 Signs You Are Truly Happy

Are you happier than you think? Here are 5 signs that you are truly happy in your life right now. 

5 Signs That You Are Truly Happy...

1. You Smile at The Simplest Things

One sign that you are truly happy is that you are able to find pleasure in the little things around you. You find yourself smiling a lot at little joys in life. Small things -  like seeing a beautiful day or watching a toddler play. You even smile when you are alone, so obviously it is not to please anybody.

Smiling because of the little things around you demonstrates mindfulness. I think that that being  able to find happiness from the most random events is truly special. It reflects your inner peace and love for life - you just can't hold it back. 

2. You Want to Engage with Others

Another sign that you are truly happy is that you want to reach out to others. You want to engage in meaningful conversations with like-minded people and be able to have a good laugh with friends.

You want to share your happiness with other people and learn about how they're doing. If you're not happy, you may want to isolate yourself and not be around others. However, when you are truly happy, it seems like there is so much you want to say and do.

This does not necessarily mean that you turn into an extrovert, but you definitely appreciate good conversation. You want to meet and get to know new people and connect with people on a deeper level.

You are genuinely interested in the welfare of the people around you and want to encourage them. People want to be around you and share your positive vibes. This is no surprise - a study by the British Medical Journey showed that people naturally choose to connect with happy people because it improves their own happiness levels!

3. You Have Learnt How to Manage Your Stress Levels

You know you're truly happy when you've learned how to handle stress. This is really important because feeling really stressed all the time could steal your happiness. Those who are truly happy have discovered their stress limits and how much they can handle before things start going wrong. A sign that you are truly happy is that you do not become stressed and irritated by little things. You have developed a stress mechanism that helps you to calm down and take one step at a time. 

You are able to manage stress because you try not to focus on negative things that happen. If your coffee spills, if you miss your bus, you learn to quickly get over it because you know lingering on small annoyances is going to hold you back. You do not pressure yourself to meet unrealistic expectations and you allocate your time in such a way that you do the most important things, not everything.

Once you feel your stress levels building up, you immediately act to stop it there and relax. This might mean taking a deep breath, a break or just assuring yourself that you can get the job done well. A truly happy person is able to look at the big picture to help themselves stop worrying about the present moment.

4. You get it. 

A sign that you are truly happy is being able to relate to others and empathize with them. You see aspects of yourself in other people and you understand their situation. You do not see other people as competition, rather, observing others makes you realise our common humanity.

You no longer see yourself as solitary, or an island. Being truly happy includes an element of being interconnected with those around us. When you think it would be useful, you want to share help and advice with those who would benefit from it. You celebrate other people's victories and want to see them succeed. Experiencing true happiness makes you more selfless and more compassionate towards the struggles of others.  When someone hurts you, you don't want to retaliate. Happy people are more forgiving and are willing to see past the mistakes of others, they know they' re imperfect too. 

5. Your Passion Fuels Your Purpose

Truly happy people have something unique that gets them up every morning. Happiness is tied with a sense of purpose. Your days have meaning, you don't just go through everyday for the sake of it. When you are happy, you have found your passion. You know what you enjoy doing and you spend time doing what you love.

All your actions are driven by a sense of passion, you want to give life your all. You know you are truly happy with there is a bigger picture to your life. It gives you character and determination. You find comfort from the thought that you are not just running around in circles. Even if things are hard, you receive satisfaction from your work because you know you are helping others or achieving a long-term result.

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